Freshly Picked Moccasins

I love my moccasins!

I love my moccasins!

When Blythe was still a newborn, I went running with a friend whose daughter was wearing rose gold Freshly Picked moccasins.  They were one of the cutest children's clothing items I'd ever seen and I definitely wanted Blythe to have a pair.  We also found that they were incredibly functional - B had a much easier time in the early stages of walking wearing her moccasins than other shoes we tried with thicker soles.  Since they are just leather shoes, you can't wear them out in the elements, but Blythe wore hers outside regularly (just not in rain or snow) and they held up very well (and now the sole is worn with an imprint of her formerly tiny foot, which is adorable).  Also, these are so easy to put on tiny, oddly round baby feet (dinner roll feet as someone described them to me).

These moccasins are not inexpensive so if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, I'd go with size 3.  Blythe wore size 3 the longest and they would probably still fit her now although we've moved onto the ubiquitous Crocs and Natives for summer so she can get them wet.  The founder's story makes me wish I had a creative idea so I could be an entrepreneur (you can read more here). 

Blythe looks like a completely different baby!  And those shoes...

Blythe looks like a completely different baby!  And those shoes...

Freshly Picked regularly releases new colors and special collaborations (like the one with Stance socks that launched last week).  Do any readers love these shoes as much as I do? 

All images except those of Blythe credit to Freshly Picked.

Minnow Swimwear

Through a post on Mother Magazine, I learned about this adorable new swimwear line called Minnow Swim, which is made and designed in California.  I'm a sucker for stripes and tiny florals, plus I love the simplicity of these designs.  The rash guards are so cute -- and so practical.  

What do mamas of boys think about the more fitted swim trunks?  The baggier version seems practical for boys and girls.  We just booked a trip to Palm Springs and Blythe might just need a cute new suit to sport while we are there (speaking of that trip, has anyone been? any suggestions?).


All images credit to Minnow Swim.

Decorating Blythe's Nursery

Art from a variety of sources, including TWO Blythe originals!

Art from a variety of sources, including TWO Blythe originals!

When Blythe was born, we had all of the necessities in her room, but I didn't have much up in the way of artwork and hadn't included many personal touches.  We hung original Winnie the Pooh prints that were also in my room as a child and that I treasure, but the rest of the decor has been a work in progress.  

My favorite part of Blythe's room is the gallery wall above her changing table.  There are two original pieces of artwork done by Blythe, a Boston ABC's print from Mr. Boddington's Studio, Egg Chair Bear from Minted, and the absolute coolest wall hanging of our family from Pink Cheeks Studio!  FYI, Blythe's artwork was done using washi tape (masking tape would work just as well), Tots Finger Paint, and then standard watercolor paper for the "blythe" painting and a small canvas for the monogram painting.  

I smile every time I see our family in felt, even when changing one of Blythe's dirty diapers!  I love Blythe's pigtails and the fact that Forest is represented (of course).  I cannot speak highly enough of Pink Cheeks Studio and how easy the process was to create the custom wall hanging.  She also creates mobiles!  I sent her photos of each of us, told her about hobbies, likes, and personality and voila!  You can personalize as much as you'd like, such as the camera around felt Darcy's neck.

There are a few other pieces from Etsy in Blythe's room, as well as her "Baby Bear" banner and the incredible growth chart my Dad made her (similar available here)!  Blythe's mobile is from Aprilderek.  I had the throw pillow on the rocker made by Sally Jensen Interiors (I had my heart set on fabric from Caitlin Wilson textiles that she had remnants of but was otherwise out of stock) and the lampshade came from LampShadeDesigns.  Finally (not pictured), Rob found fun knobs for B's dresser to spice up the solid grey.  

Where have you found fun finds for your nursery (if you have one)?

BetsyWhite Stationery Paths to Parenthood Cards

I love finding the right card for very specific situations, such as the Emily McDowell sympathy cards -- cards that don't beat around the bush or offer platitudes.  These Paths to Parenthood cards from BetsyWhite Stationery do just that for people whose journey to becoming parents has been unconventional and unexpectedly difficult.  I suspect we all have someone in our lives to whom it would be appropriate to send one of these and how nice that they now exist (I'm sure there are others out there, but these are the first I've seen).

All images credit to BetsyWhite Stationery.


Pink Chicken for Target

Here is Blythe sporting  a dress  with bloomers from the line.  Pretty cute in my totally biased opinion!

Here is Blythe sporting a dress with bloomers from the line.  Pretty cute in my totally biased opinion!

I've fallen behind on reading magazines and blogs, but I saw on Instagram today that Pink Chicken, one of my favorite children's brands, just launched a collection at Target!  I can't vouch for the quality as I haven't seen any of the pieces in person, but they certainly look darling for the little girl in your life.  That ice cream cone print and the watermelons are particularly calling to me for Blythe.  They have items for babies, toddlers, and girls.  

Perusing the Target site also led me to the news that Marimekko is launching a collection for Target on April 17th.  Calendar marked!

*Update* - The items I ordered arrived today and they are adorable in person. I love everything except the pink tie-dye dress pictured below (second row on the left).  I realized that I'm not really a tie-dye kind of person!  But the ice cream cones, the watermelons, and the elephants - oh, so cute in person.  

All images credit to Target.


Magnetic Footie Pajamas

One of the most-used and innovative presents we received when Blythe was born was a magnetic footie pajama from Magnificent Baby.  The magnets made it easy and fast to change a diaper in the middle of the night, which meant minimal disruption to Blythe (and helped me get back to bed faster).  I highly recommend these for your tiny person or to give as a gift.

I was recently at Target and noticed that they have a line of similar pajamas called E=MC2.  I've given some as a gift but haven't tried them out myself because the sizes max out at 9 months.  They are $10 less each than Magnificent Baby so I'd love to know if they are just as good.  Has anyone tried them out?

Images credit to Magnificent Baby and Target.