Decorating Blythe's Nursery

Art from a variety of sources, including TWO Blythe originals!

Art from a variety of sources, including TWO Blythe originals!

When Blythe was born, we had all of the necessities in her room, but I didn't have much up in the way of artwork and hadn't included many personal touches.  We hung original Winnie the Pooh prints that were also in my room as a child and that I treasure, but the rest of the decor has been a work in progress.  

My favorite part of Blythe's room is the gallery wall above her changing table.  There are two original pieces of artwork done by Blythe, a Boston ABC's print from Mr. Boddington's Studio, Egg Chair Bear from Minted, and the absolute coolest wall hanging of our family from Pink Cheeks Studio!  FYI, Blythe's artwork was done using washi tape (masking tape would work just as well), Tots Finger Paint, and then standard watercolor paper for the "blythe" painting and a small canvas for the monogram painting.  

I smile every time I see our family in felt, even when changing one of Blythe's dirty diapers!  I love Blythe's pigtails and the fact that Forest is represented (of course).  I cannot speak highly enough of Pink Cheeks Studio and how easy the process was to create the custom wall hanging.  She also creates mobiles!  I sent her photos of each of us, told her about hobbies, likes, and personality and voila!  You can personalize as much as you'd like, such as the camera around felt Darcy's neck.

There are a few other pieces from Etsy in Blythe's room, as well as her "Baby Bear" banner and the incredible growth chart my Dad made her (similar available here)!  Blythe's mobile is from Aprilderek.  I had the throw pillow on the rocker made by Sally Jensen Interiors (I had my heart set on fabric from Caitlin Wilson textiles that she had remnants of but was otherwise out of stock) and the lampshade came from LampShadeDesigns.  Finally (not pictured), Rob found fun knobs for B's dresser to spice up the solid grey.  

Where have you found fun finds for your nursery (if you have one)?

Chloé Fleury

We started a gallery wall above Blythe's changing table and are slowly adding to it when we find the right pieces (we have this and this up).  Thus far, it only contains framed prints, but the wall-mounted paper animals pictured below caught my attention in a recent post in Mother Mag.  Chloe Fleury is a French illustrator who makes the most intricate and whimsical paper creations.  Her shop features an array of fun animals to make and hang on your kiddo's wall that offer a twist on the standard wall-mounted animals.  Plus, how fun that you get to make it yourself (and if your little one is old enough, you could make it together)!  I'm particularly fond of the flamingo.  

All images credit to Chloe Fleury.

Muir Way National Park Prints

Our house is filled with art and prints that we have collected in our travels or that represent places we have lived or visited.  These prints from Muir Way would fit nicely into our collection and are available both as prints for framing and on canvas, which would be ready to hang.  Muir Way will even customize the maps for you - whether it is size or colors or even requesting a park maps for which they currently don't have maps.  The only bummer is that they hand make each of the wood frames, which aren't for sale (although I bet you could find a few good options on Etsy).   All images credit to Muir Way.

Botanical Prints

Our quest to find art we love for our large (and blank) dining room wall continues.  We've almost given up on finding one large piece of art to fill the space and are considering placing smaller pieces together, and Design Studio led me to these botanical prints from what i see when i run!  The artist, Francis Ooi, is based on Singapore and creates these stunning botanical photographs.  What do you think?  You can check out all of his work here and see is amazing Tumblr with new images here.  All images credit to what i see when i run and Frnacis Ooi.

Elizabeth Mayville

A while ago, I stumbled upon this print on Etsy and fell in love with the artwork of Elizabeth Mayville.  "Open Book" (the first image below) now hangs in my closet and makes me think of reading a great book in our backyard on a summer day every time I see it.  Elizabeth is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan and describes her work as having something to do with the idea of "home."  I can't put my finger on what draws me to her work, but I absolutely love it.  All images credit to Elizabeth Mayville.