SCOTUS Stationery

Perhaps only my lawyer friends will find this stationery amusing, but I get such a kick out of these Ruth Bader Ginsburg-inspired cards from Alisa Bobzien.  I think "I'd like to court you" is my favorite. 

All images credit to Alisa Bobzien.


Chloé Fleury

We started a gallery wall above Blythe's changing table and are slowly adding to it when we find the right pieces (we have this and this up).  Thus far, it only contains framed prints, but the wall-mounted paper animals pictured below caught my attention in a recent post in Mother Mag.  Chloe Fleury is a French illustrator who makes the most intricate and whimsical paper creations.  Her shop features an array of fun animals to make and hang on your kiddo's wall that offer a twist on the standard wall-mounted animals.  Plus, how fun that you get to make it yourself (and if your little one is old enough, you could make it together)!  I'm particularly fond of the flamingo.  

All images credit to Chloe Fleury.

Greet 'n' Potatoes Greeting Cards

We just returned from a trip to New York that included one night in Brooklyn, where I stumbled upon some creative and clever food-focused greeting cards from Greet 'n' Potatoes.  Illustrator Merrily Grashin designs and prints the cards in Brooklyn and you can find them locally at these spots (and if you aren't in Brooklyn, you can order them online).  As a Fernet lover, "Fernet about it!" rings true, and how about "You're such a ramen-tic?" Which one is your favorite?

All images credit to Greet 'n' Potatoes.

New Stamps for Summer

National Letter-Writing Month is over, but the U.S. Postal Service is offering an incentive to keep up with letter-writing in the form of well-designed new stamps.  The "From Me to You" stamps are still my current favorites, but there are some new offerings that I really love.  First, the design of the Coastal Birds stamps is so clean and the colors make me think of summer.  You can read about the creation of these stamps here - they were designed by Always with Honor out of Portland, which does really cool, streamlined work.  Second, there are the Summer Harvest stamps, which depict vintage produce advertisements.  These make me want to run to my local farmer's market!  Finally, purple forget-me-nots adorn the Missing Children stamps, which are intended to make the public more aware of the search for missing children.  Now I need to get back to letter-writing!

The USPS also has a neat "guide" called "Style Meets Sentiment" that talks about creative ways to make your letters stand out.  Check it out!

Emily McDowell's Sympathy Cards

I've found that the older I get, the more occasions I have for sending sympathy cards. I wish it were not the case, but if I learned anything from the difficult times we've had it is that one of the worst things you can do is to say nothing at all.  Emily McDowell released a thoughtful, sometimes funny line of cards last week that are perfect for sending to your friends or family when the are down and out.  Emily is a cancer survivor and she created these cards based on what she would have liked to receive when she was sick.  You don't want to have to order any of these cards, but if the occasion arises, I'm glad to know cards with an appropriate message exist.

Mother's Day Cards

It's not too late to order a special card for your Mom, mother-in-law, or one of your momma friends to send before May 10th.   I know it is May and National Letter-writing Month is over, but why not continue and brighten someone's day with a hand-written note?  Below are a few of my favorites.  How did the letter-writing go?  I missed a few days of writing during April, but I definitely sent at least 30 cards and enjoyed sitting down most nights to write a note or two.  The best part has been the notes I received from people -  thanks!

Speaking of Mother's Day, if you haven't seen this video of blindfolded children identifying their mother, you should watch it.  Warning - it is a tearjerker!