Write_On is a campaign to inspire people to write 30 hand-written letters over 30 days in the month of April, which is National Letter-writing Month.  The campaign was inspired by Tess Darrow's (founder of Egg Press) personal challenge to write a letter each day and the official campaign launched in 2014.  To inspire you to start writing, you can sign up for a free kit containing 4 letterpress cards and a Gelly Roll pen here.  I am always interested in receiving free letterpress cards!

A sample of the Write_On Free Kit.  Image credit to  Write_On .

A sample of the Write_On Free Kit.  Image credit to Write_On.

We'll see if I actually write a note every day in April, but I'm going to do my best.  Any one else up to the challenge?  The Write_On website even provides a list of "Reasons to Write in 2015."  The ideas are pretty creative and quirky... and I got a chuckle out of "To save the US Postal Service."  Thanks to V for telling me about this!

If you need stamps for mailing your notes, how about some of the new releases from the USPS?  My favorites are the Vintage Rosethe "Gift of Friendship," (to be released April 10th), and the "From Me to You," stamps pictured below.  

Images credit to the US Postal Service.