Wildflower Liberty League Dolls

I subscribe to a number of motherhood-focused newsletters, of which Mother is one of my favorites.  The column "Paths to Motherhood" is often a tear-jerker and always opens my eyes to the multitude of ways in which you can create a family.  The story about Maria Confer is no exception.  Maria describes herself as a transracial adoptive mama who started her nonprofit, Wildflower Liberty League, to sell dolls of color in the style she likes ("classic, huggable, simplistic, quality, rag dolls for young children").  The dolls are adorable!  Blythe has shown no interest thus far in dolls, but she's obsessed with her stuffed animals who enjoy doing all sorts of activities with her (eating meals, swinging, climbing, drinking tea) and I bet she'd love a Beatrice bunny doll to add to her entourage.  The best part? 100% of profits go to Together We Rise, a nonprofit organization that supports children in foster care.  All of the dolls are currently sold out, but if you join the mailing list, you'll be notified when they are available.