The Whole30

In January, Rob and I tried the Whole30.  Our first attempted ended up being more of a Whole18, but I felt fantastic while we were doing it and we've decided to give it another go and to stick it out for the full 30 days this time.  I'm employing a few techniques I learned from Gretchen Rubin in Better than Before and her Happier podcast: enlisting my blog and my readers for outside accountability and starting tomorrow (I keep waiting for the perfect time to start, but there is no perfect time, so tomorrow it is).  There is even a Happier episode where Gretchen and Elizabeth interview Melissa Hartwig, one of the co-creators of the Whole30.  Check it out!

The following is the basic premise of the Whole30: "Eat meat, seafood, eggs, tons of vegetables, some fruit, and plenty of good fats from fruits, oils, nuts and seeds.  Eat foods with very few ingredients, all pronounceable ingredients, or better yet, no ingredients listed at all because they're totally natural and unprocessed."  via the Whole 30 website.

If anyone is interested in the Whole30, you can read all about it on the website (or there is a book you can purchase that is smart to read before starting to understand this approach to eating, how to plan ahead, and how to reintroduce foods when you finish).  I'm listing a few of my favorite resources, websites, food companies, etc. from the last time we did it below and I'll update this site as I come across more.  I won't bore you all with a check-in every day, but I plan to post what I ate at the end of each week (along with recipes).  If anyone has done the Whole30 and has tips or favorite recipes, please leave a comment.

Whole30 Frequently-Visted Links

Whole30 Recipes

  • Tessemae's Whole30 Meal Planning (many recipes involve Tessemae's dressings, but you can always sub ingredients you already have)
  • Whole30 Pinterest Board
  • So Let's Hang Out (not all Whole30, but plenty are)
  • Recipes and a thorough overview and description of The Little Honey Bee's experience here 
  • SunBasket has a huge selection of Paleo receipes.  There are differences between Paleo and Whole30, but all of these are easily converted to become Whole30 compliant.
  • I'll keep updating this section...

Ingredients & Equipment (Planning Ahead)

  • In general, planning ahead is required for success.  You need to meal prep at the beginning of each week and ensure you have ingredients on-hand for when you are hungry or it is way too easy to reach for something non-Whole30 compliant.
  • Ghee (found at most grocery stores and definitely at Whole Foods)
  • Whole30 bacon (If you eat meat, bacon adds so much flavor and is easy to cook ahead. Check the freezer section for bacon that is labeled Whole30/Paleo - you'll be amazed that the vast majority of bacon has tons of added sugar)
  • Eggs (Breakfast is predominantly eggs and/or smoothies - no complaints here.   Also great for hard-boiled eggs for a snack.
  • Lots of fruits and veggies
  • A few Whole30-approved snack items (Larabars, for example) for emergencies, snacks, and stashing in your desk and/or purse.
  • Milk alternative for your coffee if you can't bear to go black.  We have permanently converted to unsweetened coconut almond milk.
  • If you want to spiralize vegetables so you feel like you are still eating pasta, you might want to invest in a Spiralizer.

Whole30-Friendly Products
Tesssemae's - Did you know that the vast majority of condiments are full of sugar?  Tessemae's has a line of ketchup, BBQ sauce, and salad dressings that are all Whole30 friendly and delicious.  You can create your own six pack so you get exactly what you need.

Barefoot Provisions - There is an entire section of this website devoted to Whole30 snacks. 

Larabar - An excellent snack option.  This website lists those that are Whole30 compliant.  My favorite is Cherry Pie.

Primal Kitchen - The regular and chipotle mayo is so, so good.  This is something we've permanently switched to at our house.  You can find it at Whole Foods or online.

Cappello's - Absolutely delicious pasta!  The ingredients comply with Whole30, although you aren't supposed to replicate things like pasta, pancakes, muffins, etc. during the Whole30.  We now eat this whenever we want pasta because it is that delicious.