"Hygge" on the Road

"Hygge" on the Road

Almost four months into our adventure, we have called 22 places “home”.  Some were certainly more cozy and comfortable (and clean) than others, but each one has been our home for at least a night.  I am learning that “home” can have many meanings.  Of course our real home is in Denver - both our actual house and our family and friends who live there.  But we do call each of the places we stay our “home” and we’ve realized that certain things make it feel more like ours for a short period of time, which helps with not feeling homesick and feeling settled when we are anything but.

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Haflinger Slippers

A few weeks ago, a group of friends got together for what I hope will be the first of many cooking club nights - we meet once a month, eat dinner and drink wine, and cook a pre-planned menu so that we each have food to take home for 1-2 meals for our families.  Mostly, it is great excuse to spend time together.

When I walked in the door at L's house, I immediately noticed her super cute slippers and had to know where she bought them (REI).  The cozy slippers are made by Haflinger, the largest manufacturer of boiled wool in Germany.  The slippers were added to my Christmas wish list and Santa obliged!  An added bonus?  The slippers are machine washable!  All images courtesy of Haflinger.