Freshly Picked Moccasins

I love my moccasins!

I love my moccasins!

When Blythe was still a newborn, I went running with a friend whose daughter was wearing rose gold Freshly Picked moccasins.  They were one of the cutest children's clothing items I'd ever seen and I definitely wanted Blythe to have a pair.  We also found that they were incredibly functional - B had a much easier time in the early stages of walking wearing her moccasins than other shoes we tried with thicker soles.  Since they are just leather shoes, you can't wear them out in the elements, but Blythe wore hers outside regularly (just not in rain or snow) and they held up very well (and now the sole is worn with an imprint of her formerly tiny foot, which is adorable).  Also, these are so easy to put on tiny, oddly round baby feet (dinner roll feet as someone described them to me).

These moccasins are not inexpensive so if you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, I'd go with size 3.  Blythe wore size 3 the longest and they would probably still fit her now although we've moved onto the ubiquitous Crocs and Natives for summer so she can get them wet.  The founder's story makes me wish I had a creative idea so I could be an entrepreneur (you can read more here). 

Blythe looks like a completely different baby!  And those shoes...

Blythe looks like a completely different baby!  And those shoes...

Freshly Picked regularly releases new colors and special collaborations (like the one with Stance socks that launched last week).  Do any readers love these shoes as much as I do? 

All images except those of Blythe credit to Freshly Picked.

Marimekko & Converse

I'm loving these fun and funky Marimekko for Converse shoes.  Marimekko is a Finnish company that designs textiles, apparel and home goods.  I've always loved their designs, particularly their whimsical, bright fabrics.  Like these Keds, I'm not sure these are that practical, but they certainly are fun (especially the strawberry print).  There are high-tops available, too, and all of the shoes are priced at $75.  All images credit to Marimekko.

Kate Spade for Keds

Coming in February, a collaboration between Keds and Kate Spade that includes some funky and bright shoes!  I don't about you guys, but I was obsessed with Keds in elementary school.  I couldn't wait to wear my new white Keds with the blue label on the first day of school.  These are fun in theory, but I'm having trouble envisioning how I'd pull these off.  Would you wear these?  If so, how?

The shoes will be available on and Nordstrom in February and at Kate Spade New York stores.


All images credit to Keds and Kate Spade.

Shoes for Spring

Is it just me or are there cute clothes for spring everywhere?  I've particularly noticed all of the great patterns and styles of flats for spring.  I am easily lured in by fun prints and bright colors... and, of course, polka dots and stripes.