Alicia Sands Tiberio Photographie

A sweet and incredibly entrepreneurial friend, Alicia Sands Tiberio, recently launched her photography site, Alicia Sands Tiberio Photographie.  Alicia is a talented residential interior designer, mother, founder of James Grace Pizzelles, and a fantastic photographer.  I've included a few of her photographs that I like best and there are many more on her website.  The photo at the top of this post ("Reflection") reminds me so much of a picture of the Earth - it is intriguing that it is actually the reflection of clouds on water.    

All images in this post belong to Alicia Sands Tiberio Photographie.

Fruit Trees + the Highlands


Our new neighborhood is commonly referred to as the Highlands, which collectively refers to Highland and West Highland, neighborhoods in Northwest Denver.  Even when we lived in LoDo, I frequently ran through the Highlands, but it wasn't until we were under contract on the house that I actually paid close attention to my surroundings on these runs.


As it turns out, the neighborhood is a veritable fruit orchard!  Not only do we have a fruit-filled peach tree in our side yard (the peaches still need a few weeks but are coming along nicely), but I discovered that we have not one but three plum trees positively bursting with fruit in our front yard!  To my untrained eye, the plums appeared to be olives when we first saw our house.  I have a lot to learn.


On jaunts through the neighborhood, I've now spotted apricots, peaches that are already ripe, choke cherries, apples, crabapples, more plums, and pears.  The pears were the most surprising and exciting.... I even made Rob pull the car over so I could take a photo.  The things we do for those we love...


Between trying to unpack and organize our house, working, and training for an Ironman in September, I've found little time for cooking.  As of late last night, our kitchen is finally organized and I managed to bake not one but two things with the fruit I picked up at the farmer's market.  I promise a post with a real recipe this week!  I have put our lovely plums to use by making a Plum Crumble.  I now swear by this crumble recipe... the top is just delicious (as anything with that much butter ought to be).  You can decrease the butter if you'd like and certainly it will still be good... either way, try this recipe with whatever fruit you have available.  You will not be disappointed.

Lytro Cameras

Image credit to LytroAs an amateur photographer, there aren't many photography innovations that catch my attention (I am too inexperienced to utilize most of the features on my camera to begin with) but I am intrigued by the new Lytro cameras.  The Lytro cameras allow you to adjust the focus in the photos you take after the fact with a mere click of your mouse!  When you view your photograph on a computer, you can click on any point in the image and that area of the photo will come into focus.  The camera accomplishes this by capturing the "lightfield" data.  Genius!  Lytro is a start-up company that received $50 million from Silicon Valley investors.  They cameras are available for pre-order now but won't be delivered until early 2012.  The software currently only works for Macs and the cameras will initially only ship within the U.S.  I can't wait to check one of these out in person in 2012.

You can play around with the awesome technology on the company's website here.  I read about the Lytro in this NY Times article.  Added bonus - the compact size of the camera!  It weighs a mere 4.55 ounces and is 4.5" long.

Image credit to Lytro