Theresa Losa Art

I stumbled upon Theresa Losa Art on Instagram and am obsessed with her surfers, pool scenes, sunsets, sailboats, and vibrant blue waters.  These paintings don't seem like they'd fit in our home in Denver, but they'd be perfect for a beach location anywhere (or maybe I need to be more open-minded about art).  

All images credit to Theresa Losa Art.

Kirsten Sims Artwork

I love how you can stumble upon the most random and wonderful people on the internet.  Case in point: artist Kirsten Sims.  I think I found her through Pinterest (in the never-ending quest to find art that both Rob and I like), but I've since scoured her own website and the archives of a recent show she had in Cape Town, South Africa (where she is based).  The paintings included below were all part of the "You are Here" solo exhibit she had at Salon91 in Cape Town (which is completely sold out).  Now if only a few of these paintings were hanging in our home...

All images credit to Kirsten Sims via her website.