Mariella Vilar Bags

I can't remember where I first spotted Mariella Vilar's preppy, practical straw baskets, purses, and clutches, but they certainly caught my eye.  Maybe it is the idea of a straw basket -- carrying one must mean I'm on my way to a pool or the ocean, right?  Plus, these have bright colors, monograms, and even pom-poms if you'd like.  You can customize the color of the stripes and the monogram, choose from three different types of leather handles, and add images.  I'd keep mine simple with two colors for the stripes, a monogram, and long handles so I could carry the bag over my shoulder.  You can view a gallery here, which is full of examples.  Now I haven't seen one of these in person, but I'm smitten.  

All images credit to Mariella Vilar.