Cliff Engle Vintage Sweaters

In the last few years, I've become an avid football fan.  This year, I even started an all women's fantasy football league, which I'm enjoying mostly because of the hilarious e-mail exchanges amongst the nine of us.  I grew up a Broncos fan, but my years on the east coast and being married to Rob have turned me into a Patriots fan.  When I saw these sweaters on Tuckernuck, I knew I needed to add one to my football-watching wardrobe.

The sweaters are made by Cliff Engle, which was apparently a popular sweater brand in the 1980s made famous by Mike Ditka who used to rock his Chicago Bears sweater.  Alas, the sweaters were available in a very limited quantity on Tuckernuck and have sold out with very few exceptions (the Atlanta Falcons, I think).  You can track vintage versions down on eBay and on the Cliff Engle site, but I'm hoping Tuckernuck will restock for the holiday season.   Not only do I want one, but I think these would make great gifts for football-loving significant others.

All images credit to Tuckernuck.