Quiet Town

Moving out of our house during the holiday was stressful, but it led to a lot of purging (which I love) and to thinking about what changes I want to make to our home when we return.  Alicia has already helped us scope out changes to be made to our dining room and I want to overhaul the living room as well. Upstairs, we'll get new carpet and turn Blythe's room into one for a little girl rather than a baby.  We only have one shower that requires a curtain, but these shower curtains and bath rugs from Quiet Town make me want to swap the current curtain and our bath mats.  

Quiet Town's products are made in accordance with their code of ethics, which includes sourcing ethical and quality materials, working with people who care about the environment, and ensuring their workforce is well-treated.  I'm a sucker for stripes and geometric patterns and I love the vibrant colors.

All images credit to Quiet Town.