Pumpkin Picking: 7th Generation Farm in Louisville, CO

Halloween is fast-approaching and if you have a tiny person (or people) in your life, I suspect this means you have visited or want to visit a pumpkin patch.  I don't know about you, but we spend a fair bit of time in fall walking around the neighborhood to check out people's pumpkins.

And sometimes "we" kiss them.

Last weekend we went to a fantastic, low-key pumpkin patch in Louisville, Colorado called 7th Generation Farm.  We went to the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield a few weeks ago and I've been for the pumpkin festival before -- while it is fun and the pumpkin patch is awesome, it is also total chaos and a bit overwhelming with a toddler who doesn't love to wait in lines.  7th Generation Farm has a corn maze, hay bale mountain (so fun to climb - for adults and kiddos), a huge field of pumpkins from which you can choose, a pumpkin painting station, farm animals, and a tractor hay ride.  

Atop the hay bale mountain (with her pumpkin, which was not to be relinquished)

Atop the hay bale mountain (with her pumpkin, which was not to be relinquished)

We took a tractor hay ride out to the pumpkin field where each selected a prize pumpkin (and Blythe stood on a few).

We spent quite a bit of time chasing various farm animals around, meeting goats, sheep, and chickens, and chatting with the horses and cows.  Blythe loved climbing the hay bale mountain and picking out her own pumpkin, as well as peering into the barn at the nesting chickens (who clucked protectively at her).  

After an hour or so at the farm, we headed into downtown Louisville. We love our neighborhood in Denver, but when I'm ready to head somewhere more rural, it will be the top of my list.  There appear to be a range of fantastic restaurants in the downtown, but it is still a charming, small town.  We had lunch at Moxie Bread Co., which was named to Bon Appetit's list of the Best New Bakeries in America in 2016.  The sandwich bread was delicious and Rob paid me the ultimate compliment by comparing their croissant to mine.  It was all I could do to not buy up all of the pastries they offered.

If you live in Denver and need a relaxed and entertaining and well-stocked pumpkin patch to visit, I recommend 7th Generation Farm! Now I just need to figure out keeping the squirrels away from our pumpkins...