Primary Kids Clothing

I'm a bit late to the game on learning about Primary, a baby and children's gender-neutral fashion brand offering a range of items (shorts, leggings, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, swimwear, etc.) in a rainbow of solid colors.  I don't know about you, but I have found it next to impossible to find affordable, solid-colored clothes for B.  Occasionally I'll find them at H&M or Target, but often they are sold out which is frustrating.  And as much as I love patterns and cute prints, I like to pair them with solids.  

Primary was founded by two women (both of whom are moms) who formerly worked at and were searching for great basics for their own kids.  Another nice feature of Primary is that they plan to offer the same basics year after year, so when your kid (or you) becomes particularly attached to a certain item, you'll be able to replace it or buy it in a larger size.  Read more about the inspiring female founders here.

One item I was particularly excited to see was the reversible swim bottoms.  Despite owning a few darling swimsuits, B is almost exclusively in a rash guard when we are at the beach.  I tried in vain to find small, solid swim bottoms to pair with her patterned rash guards to no avail (I did finally find some at J.Crew, but well after we left on our trip).  For next summer, I'll just pair her rash guards with these reversible swim bottoms.

All images credited to Primary.