Outdoor Voices

Image credit to  Outdoor Voices .

Image credit to Outdoor Voices.

For the past few months, I've become devoted to this incredible pilates studio near my office called Fierce45.  It's a shift for me to do anything but run or do some other high-intensity aerobic workout, but I absolutely love the classes and find I'm really enjoying the challenge of something new.  For most of my workouts, you'll see me sporting shorts and a t-shirt rather than spandex of any kind, but you really have to wear spandex for pilates.  I was planning to just pick up a new pair or two of Lululemon capri pants, but I was concerned about all of the criticism about their pants being see-through and then I stumbled on this piece and was intrigued by Outdoor Voices.

Not only are their products stylish and understated, but I love the back story of the 27-year-old founder, Tyler Haney (who, incidentally, grew up in Boulder, Colorado), and the idea of supporting a business owned and run by a young woman.  

I've now worn my new 3/4 Length Warmup Leggings (in mint and navy) several times.  The fit is perfect, they feel thick enough to be supportive and not see-through, and the color options are understated, which suits me.  One thing I particularly love is that these aren't low-rise -- I find that after two pregnancies, I far prefer workout bottoms with a higher rise.  Has anyone else tried Outdoor Voices for their athleisure needs?  I highly recommend their gear.