New Stamps for Summer

National Letter-Writing Month is over, but the U.S. Postal Service is offering an incentive to keep up with letter-writing in the form of well-designed new stamps.  The "From Me to You" stamps are still my current favorites, but there are some new offerings that I really love.  First, the design of the Coastal Birds stamps is so clean and the colors make me think of summer.  You can read about the creation of these stamps here - they were designed by Always with Honor out of Portland, which does really cool, streamlined work.  Second, there are the Summer Harvest stamps, which depict vintage produce advertisements.  These make me want to run to my local farmer's market!  Finally, purple forget-me-nots adorn the Missing Children stamps, which are intended to make the public more aware of the search for missing children.  Now I need to get back to letter-writing!

The USPS also has a neat "guide" called "Style Meets Sentiment" that talks about creative ways to make your letters stand out.  Check it out!