New Stamps!

My letter writing has come to a crashing halt since the Write_On challenge ended in April.  But these week, I received a letter from Kate (thanks!) in the mail with an ice cream cone stamp.  Apparently, I am totally out of the loop on new stamps because there are some real gems.  I'm immediately ordering the  Soda Fountain Favorites:

If ice cream cone stamps can't motivate me to write a few letters, I'm not sure what will.  How about these Classic Trucks and the Pets stamps (other than the snake - eek)? 

These festive flags (Colorful Celebrations) remind me of Cinco de Mayo:

It's summer, the season for road trips and exploration, so these National Parks stamps are perfect (plus, there is a new IMAX out called "National Parks Adventure" - we are going Friday).  

Finally, I know it is early to be thinking about the holidays, but how about Songbirds in Snow for holiday cards this year?

All images credit to the U.S. Postal Service.