Minted for the Holidays

We've been loyal Christmas card and art customers of Minted for years.  When they launched a fabric collection, I wanted to purchase all of it, but that seemed impractical since I don't know how to sew!  This year's holiday catalog revealed that Minted has launched a variety of customized home goods, many of which utilize their fabric collection, don't require that you sew, and would make fantastic gifts.

First, artfully matched napkin sets of 6 napkins total, 2 of each pattern.  Purchasing napkins that are already mixed and matched is an effortless way to make your table looks more eclectic.     

Next, if you celebrate Christmas and have a tree, do you love your current tree skirt?  Ours is perfect, but admittedly I'm tempted by one of these reversible skirts to modernize our Christmas look and mix things up a bit.

Blythe has a teepee and it is a huge hit.  She will curl up in it and read with her stuffed animals and requests that we join her inside.  Ours is from Roberta Roller Rabbit, but if these had been available when I bought it, I'd probably choose the bear print pictured below.  

Finally, I'm constantly clipping out inspiring photos, quotes, and articles or setting aside hilarious greeting cards I receive in the mail (my most recent favorite).  However, I don't have anywhere to put them!  These pinboards are so practical and cute.

This year we went with Christmas cards from Paperless Post (ironic as they are printed... on paper) and we'll see how they turn out.