Lost My Name Books for Children

Y'all!  (Side note - if you love that expression, this shirt is for you, and they have onesies.  They are even more appropriate if you also went to Yale.)

Rob alerted me to the coolest children's books I've seen since we found these for Blythe (they are amazing, by the way, for these early months when all she wants to do with books is eat them).  Lost My Name makes custom books that spell out your child's name over the course of the story.  The illustrations remind me of Pixar and how fun to read a book that is personalized for you!  I'm not doing the books justice - just watch this video:

I'm ordering one for Blythe and if they are as cool as they seem to be, this may be my new go-to baby gift.  Has anyone seen one of these in person or heard of this company?  You can read more about it here.

Update!  I ordered a few of these for gifts and one for Blythe and I love them.  The books arrived quickly, the story line is creative, and they seem to be high quality.  Did anyone else order one?  Let me know what you think.