Little Unicorn Blankets

Contributing greatly to my lack of posts in recent months is the fact that most of what I am doing in my spare time now revolves around Blythe.  I'm less likely to be discovering a new company that caters to adults or trying a new recipe, but I do come across various kid-related things that I'd love to share.  In hesitating to share these baby finds, I've ended up just not posting at all, so when you see an increase in baby-related posts going forward, please forgive me if that isn't content that you enjoy.  It just is what is going on in my life these days.

On to Little Unicorn!  I stumbled upon this brand via Instagram, where someone I follow posted a photo of their baby swaddled in a beautiful blanket from Little Unicorn. I'm obsessed!  When we were picking out swaddles, it seemed like Aden + Anais was the best option, but I adore the patterns from Little Unicorn and the next time I need a gift for someone, I'm starting here.  In addition to swaddles, they have sweet security blankets (pictured above - note they come in pairs so you'll be all set if one is lost) and quilts.  Whatever the vehicle, its the prints that really caught my eye.  Blythe has no interest so far in "loveys" nor is she particularly attached to any toys.  Does that happen later?  The one swaddle I purchased for Blythe came from this shop, which I love.  Let's be honest, I love anything that is personalized.  

All images credit to Little Unicorn.