Jonas Claesson Surf Art

Kilauea is home to some fantastic boutiques and in one of them we found the Surfing Animals Alphabet Coloring Book by Jonas Claesson.  We aren't buying many things on this trip so I took a photo and planned to get it for Blythe down the road, so imagine my surprise when Rob left the store with the coloring book a few minutes later.  We'll save this for a few months (years?) from now when Blythe doesn't just aggressively scribble in one color all over each page of her coloring books.  There is also a surfing animals ABCs book that was really cute.  

Jonas Claesson is a Swede living in Australia whose illustrations are whimsical and a bit hipster.  They are particularly appropriate if you enjoy surfing, camping, and the great outdoors (case in point: a bear lounging on top of a camper van).  I have essentially stopped picking out t-shirts for Rob because he is so discerning (picky?), but I'd risk ordering one of these t-shirts for him because I like the designs so much.  The illustrations are available in prints and t-shirts (kid and adult sizes), as well as stickers, embroidered patches, totes, and notecards.  The illustrations would work well in a nursery or kid's room (I have my eye on the surfing flamingo for Blythe).  

All images credit to Jonas Claesson.