Ina Garten's "Make it Ahead" Tour

A dear friend got me the best birthday present this year - tickets to Ina Garten's Make it Ahead tour.  Ina (I feel like we are on a first-name basis) has a new book out, Make it Ahead (which has just made its way onto my Christmas list), and she's visited/visiting Boston, Chicago, Cupertino, Denver, and Beverly Hills to talk about writing her cookbooks, filming her show, and cooking.  I'll see her on Wednesday and I can't wait.  I wish I realized sooner that she was visiting other cities... I'm afraid the only one left in 2014 after Denver is Beverly Hills on Thursday, November 20th.  You can find the 2015 dates and cities here.

If you are in Denver and want to attend, tickets are still available here.

Does anyone have the new cookbook?  I have three of her other books and I love them.  I'm recently obsessed with meals that can be prepared in advance and meals that can be frozen.  If any of you have favorite recipes (particularly that can be frozen), please share them!