General Knot & Co.

The next time you are looking for a necktie, bowtie or pocket square for the preppy gentleman in your life, look no further than the General Knot & Co. The website is full of stripes, seersucker, gingham, masculine florals (not necessarily an oxymoron) and chambray fabrics that are perfect for a gentleman who has fun with his accessories. I remember when we got married that we looked for ages for the perfect tie (and eventually gave up and went with tuxedos)... now I would be prepared!  Thank you to my dear friend Sarah for introducing me to this fabulous company that I've added to my list of potential gifts for Rob (I shared others here if you are interested).

I particularly love that many of their bowties and neckties tie with a different pattern showing in the center knot, and that some of the bowties reversible - clever! And should your man need help tying his bowtie, they have an "easier than you think" method posted on their website.