Appointed Desktop Products

 Do you still use a regular notebook or planner?  I rely on my iPhone calendar, but I keep my ever-growing to do list and jot notes in an old school, lined notebook (currently, a Moleskine Classic Notebook, one for work and one for personal use). Jotting down tasks and notes and crossing off items on my to do list gives me an immense amount of satisfaction (I have not idea what that says about me), and while I like the standard black notebook for work, I may need something more festive for personal use.  Enter Appointed "Desktop Products."  I'm obsessed with their incredibly classic and beautiful notebooks.  Appointed launched in 2015 after a successful Kickstart campaign and makes American-made, thoughtfully-designed desktop products.  I'm smitten and am coveting the monogrammed blossom pink notebook pictured above.  And how about a weekly planner?


Or perhaps one in chambray?  

Also, how fun are the sticky notes?  

All images credit to Appointed.

Rifle Paper Co. Fabric

Rifle Paper Co. launched its debut fabric collection this week!  I've been obsessed with their notebooks and paper for years, and now I'm coveting this flamingo fabric.  Flamingos are Blythe's current favorite animals (she calls them "mingos") and I know she'd love a little romper in this fabric.  There are, of course, a host of cute prints, some of which I've included below. Separately, has anyone ever found a local person to do a sewing project for them?  I tried Googling to find someone with little to no success (I found someone who wanted $100 for a baby romper (not including fabric or pattern, both of which I have), which seemed quite steep.  I'd love any recommendations (other than me getting a sewing machine - not going to happen).

In the meantime... Rifle Paper Co. fabric!

All images credit to Rifle Paper Co.

New Stamps!

My letter writing has come to a crashing halt since the Write_On challenge ended in April.  But these week, I received a letter from Kate (thanks!) in the mail with an ice cream cone stamp.  Apparently, I am totally out of the loop on new stamps because there are some real gems.  I'm immediately ordering the  Soda Fountain Favorites:

If ice cream cone stamps can't motivate me to write a few letters, I'm not sure what will.  How about these Classic Trucks and the Pets stamps (other than the snake - eek)? 

These festive flags (Colorful Celebrations) remind me of Cinco de Mayo:

It's summer, the season for road trips and exploration, so these National Parks stamps are perfect (plus, there is a new IMAX out called "National Parks Adventure" - we are going Friday).  

Finally, I know it is early to be thinking about the holidays, but how about Songbirds in Snow for holiday cards this year?

All images credit to the U.S. Postal Service.

BetsyWhite Stationery Paths to Parenthood Cards

I love finding the right card for very specific situations, such as the Emily McDowell sympathy cards -- cards that don't beat around the bush or offer platitudes.  These Paths to Parenthood cards from BetsyWhite Stationery do just that for people whose journey to becoming parents has been unconventional and unexpectedly difficult.  I suspect we all have someone in our lives to whom it would be appropriate to send one of these and how nice that they now exist (I'm sure there are others out there, but these are the first I've seen).

All images credit to BetsyWhite Stationery.


2016 Write_On Challenge & Thank Yous

Envelope inspiration!  Image credit to  Oh Happy Day

Envelope inspiration!

Image credit to Oh Happy Day

For the second year in a row, the Write_On Challenge kicks off tomorrow for the month of April.  The goal is to write 30 hand-written notes in 30 days.  I love the "Reasons to Write" and find them inspiring:

  • To send a friend a recipe for a great day.
  • To create an artifact and capture a moment in time.
  • To decorate the envelope (maybe washi tape or there is some incredible inspiration here).
  • To congratulate someone on an achievement big or small.
  • To say thank you.
  • To say the things that are difficult to articulate in person.
  • To ask an older relative to record a memory.

Speaking of writing notes, this post on Cup of Jo about mailing thank you notes caught my attention.  I certainly don't think you are obligated to always send a thank you note, but how wonderful is it to open your mailbox and find one?  It never hurts to send a note, so why not? What do you all think?  This is a habit that was ingrained in me from a very early age (and I plan to do the same with Blythe), so I'm biased.

In April, I'm going to write 30 cards in 30 days and I'm also going to try to post every day. I need (want) to get back into posting regularly.  I hope a few of you are still reading!