Cat & Jack at Target

In mid-July, Target replaced its prior kids' clothing lines (Cherokee and Circo) with Cat & Jack, a line designed for kids by kids.  You can read the details about Target's new approach in an in-depth article in Bloomberg (I wasn't surprised to read that kids' clothing is a $30 billion market in the United States), but I was really drawn in by the bright colors, fun designs, and low prices of some of the new offerings.  I typically pick up some basics at Target, but look elsewhere (MiniBoden, Zara, Busy Bees, Bella Bliss, Egg by Susan Lazar) for special, cuter items.  I'll definitely be ordering a few of these affordable options from Cat & Jack for Blythe (especially this skirt since she is obsessed with pom-poms).  I've included some of my favorites from the toddler line below - baby and older kiddos are available online, too.

*Update* - Most of my order has arrived and these clothes are just as cute in person as they are online.  I particularly love all of the leggings, the dinosaur print dress, and the headband.   I'm returning the t-shirt with the flowers attached, but otherwise am excited for B's new (affordable) finds!

All images credit to Cat & Jack at Target.