Appointed Desktop Products

 Do you still use a regular notebook or planner?  I rely on my iPhone calendar, but I keep my ever-growing to do list and jot notes in an old school, lined notebook (currently, a Moleskine Classic Notebook, one for work and one for personal use). Jotting down tasks and notes and crossing off items on my to do list gives me an immense amount of satisfaction (I have not idea what that says about me), and while I like the standard black notebook for work, I may need something more festive for personal use.  Enter Appointed "Desktop Products."  I'm obsessed with their incredibly classic and beautiful notebooks.  Appointed launched in 2015 after a successful Kickstart campaign and makes American-made, thoughtfully-designed desktop products.  I'm smitten and am coveting the monogrammed blossom pink notebook pictured above.  And how about a weekly planner?


Or perhaps one in chambray?  

Also, how fun are the sticky notes?  

All images credit to Appointed.