A Partnership with Quoddy

Fall leaves and our Quoddy moccasins!

Fall leaves and our Quoddy moccasins!

When we packed for our travels, our focus was on packing as little as possible.  As someone who loves clothes and fashion, this was difficult and required several iterations of paring down.  And what was the hardest category for me to limit?  Shoes!

There were a few givens: sandals, running shoes that could double as hiking shoes, and a pair of “dressier” sneakers (but a pair I could wear all day walking around, say, Tokyo).  But what about the one pair of shoes that could be both casual and nice, if required?  And what about my cozy slippers that I put on the second I get home?  Would I want to wear them while in a tropical climate (and beyond)?

In the end, I packed two pair of Quoddys for my dressier shoes and slippers:  Fireside Camp Slippers and Campadrille Flats.  Rob also packed his Quoddy slippers and his Camp Shoes. 

Rob has been a longtime proponent of buying quality over quantity and follows this rule in his life.  It’s something I’ve had to learn repeatedly – I can’t think of a single purchase where I splurged and bought a high-quality but more expensive item and then regretted it.  Instead, I’m amazed by how long the product lasts, how much I love wearing it, and how many compliments I receive.  When I spend less money, the item often looks cheap immediately (or shortly thereafter), falls apart, and doesn't have staying power.  There is a time and a place for an inexpensive, trendy item, don't get me wrong, but in general I'm focusing on buying things to last.

Rob sporting his Quoddys in Beacon Hill

Rob sporting his Quoddys in Beacon Hill

I’ve been wearing Quoddy shoes now for about six months and this rings true for each pair that I have (I also adore my Ringboots and Pennyloafers but couldn't make room for them in my bag).  And I’ve worn my slippers every day since they arrived (both at home and in Hawaii).  There is something about sliding your foot into a cozy slipper at the end of the day that reminds you of home… and even in the paradise that is Hawaii, I need that reminder.  Plus, we don't wear shoes in the house and I prefer a slipper to walking around barefoot.

One of the unique aspects of Quoddy shoes is that they are made-to-order.  Each pair is individually hand-sewn and crafted, which means you can customize the shoes in many ways: material, color, lining type and color, stitching color, sole type and color, and hardware.  It's really fun to design your own shoes, although I had trouble making a decision!  What is almost guaranteed is that no one else will have shoes identical to yours.  I was nervous about making custom shoes and having them not fit, but Quoddy stands by each pair of shoes and offers a lot of help with sizing.  All of my shoes were true-to-size for what I wear in Nike running shoes and J.Crew flats.  You can also trace an outline of your foot (instructions here) and submit it if you are worried about choosing a size.  Plus, you can always call to talk through sizing with someone.

My favorite part about each pair of Quoddys that I wear is how comfortable they are.  I'm always suffering for my shoes, getting blisters, wearing heels that hurt my feet, etc.  Why?  The Quoddys fit like a glove and could not be more comfortable.  I didn't have to break any of them in - I wore my Pennyloafers to work the day after they arrived, wore them for nine hours with lots of walking and standing, and they felt great - no pinching, rubbing, or blisters.  Rob says the same thing about his Camp Shoes and Bluchers.  

I’m thrilled to announce that Quoddy is the first “partner” of The Garden of Eden!  It’s a brand I’ve long admired and their products are top-notch.  I’ve never worn such a comfortable and stylish pair of shoes.  Has anyone else tried their shoes? Please share if you have and what your experience was like.  If you want to try them for the first time, now is the perfect time because everything on the site is fifteen percent off until Tuesday with code 100HOUR.  Perhaps while you are watching the Super Bowl on Sunday (Go Pats!), you can create your ideal pair of shoes online! 

Oh, and some of these images include Blythe wearing a custom pair of Quoddy moccasins that are the cutest toddler shoes I’ve ever seen.  She calls them her “cozy boots” and wants to wear them 24-7 (except in Hawaii, where honestly she hasn’t really worn shoes much at all).  The cozy boots even made the cut for Blythe’s first trip to meet Santa!

Thanks for supporting Quoddy!