2017: A Year of Travel

Happy New Year!  I'm absolutely someone who sets resolutions and thoroughly enjoys the process of thinking about what I'd like to do in the coming year and reflecting on what I did in the prior year (generally and by specifically reviewing the resolutions I set).  For the past ten years, I've kept a running document of resolutions and it's revealing to look back on goals I previously set.  The transition from worrying about "losing 10 pounds" and "competing in X number of triathlons" to "sorting out how to have a family" and "being content with working and having B cared for by someone else during the day" provides such an insight into how life changes from one year to the next and how dramatically priorities shift.

This year is no exception.  In the summer, both Rob and I were at crossroads in our professional lives.  The past few years have been both incredible (Blythe!) and devastating (this and this).  On the eve of Rob accepting a new job, we had a discussion about what we really wanted for the next year.  One of us casually threw out the idea that maybe we should take a year off and travel - we both laughed, but then we started to really consider the idea.  Instead of listing all the reasons why we shouldn't, we instead chatted excitedly about why we should.  

Our biggest decisions as a couple have often been made with much less deliberation than you might think.  We decided to move from Boston to Denver one Friday night after a particularly stressful week; we were living and working in Denver six weeks later.  We decided to travel this year one night in August.  Rob turned down a job the next day, and we told our families, employers, and beloved nanny shortly thereafter.  Neither of us are impulsive, but we both know ourselves well and so these huge decisions never seem rash - instead, it feels as though they were percolating under the surface but we just hadn't paid attention until that moment.

I'm writing this post from our living room in Princeville, Kauai.  Last week, we packed up our entire house and moved out, relocated our dear cat, Forest, to my parent's house, and said good-bye to snowy Colorado.  We'll be here (staying in Princeville and Hanalei) for the next six weeks.  In mid-February, we'll head to Sydney, Australia for a week, then New Zealand for six weeks, and then Japan for six weeks.  Our itinerary is in flux, but we plan to spend time in the Dolomites, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and elsewhere in Europe and to finish the year in South America.  I'd love any recommendations you have for favorite destinations, travel tips with a toddler, great places you've stayed or adventures you've had, etc.

I plan to continue posting about things I love, family, and food, but I'll be posting more about travel and probably fewer recipes (we plan to have a full kitchen in most destinations, but I'm not going to spend tons of time in the kitchen and instead hope to be exploring a lot).  I hope you'll continue reading.