2016 Gift Guide for Men

Happy December!  I'm back with a new look on the blog and a few gift guides, starting with gifts for the men in your life.  Happy shopping!

#1 - Every man needs a classic pair of slippers and these from Quoddy are a cozy option.  Quoddy is a new partner of this blog (more on that in another post - I'm so excited) and these will keep your feet toasty all year, plus the Vibram sole means you can wear these for a quick trip outside to get the paper or take out the trash.

#2 - Western Rise shirts are our new family favorite - they fit well, come in nice colors, and straddle the line between sporty and nice. 

#3 - I love my Harding-Lane hat and they have a range of design and color options.  For men, I particularly like the Bluefish, the Trout, and the Mountains.

#4 - Is Rob the only guy still wearing his college-issue athletic shorts? If it is time for an upgrade, check out these shorts from Olivers.  I'm particularly fond of the slate and the cobalt.  Myles Apparel makes a similar short that is $10 less and available in a wider range of colors.  

#5 - The Gene by Siddhartha Mukherjee.  I've read The Emperor of All Maladies, which won the Pulitzer Prize and was fascinating, and I suspect this new book about human genes and what happens when we become able to "read" and "write" our own genes will be just as interesting.  If you want something more sports-focused, try The Boys in the Boat about an American rowing team's quest for gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.  

#6 - Our friends brought one of these hammocks on our camping trip this summer and I had serious envy when they were lounging in it while the kids napped.  You don't have to be in the wilderness to put this to use, so your man could enjoy this in the backyard.

#7 - Pendleton makes beautiful, durable blankets and I know that Rob loves the idea of having one in our home.  I'm particularly fond of the Pendleton Glacier Park Blanket stripes.  

#8 - This Loyal Citizen Lobster T-Shirt hails from Portland, Maine and if you are a New Englander, you'll likely find a few other shirts you like there as well.  If you are looking for the shirt of a favorite team, check out '47 Brand.  I saw a number of their items in Boston and loved the vintage look.

#9 - The Stahl Firepit - What man doesn't want to have a roaring fire (safely) in his backyard?

#10 - Whiskey Peaks Rocks Glasses - These hand-blown glasses have a raised glass mountain on the inside of the glass representing four of America's greatest mountains: Denali, Half Dome, Rainier, and Whitney. 

#11 - A good bottle of Scotch is always appreciated.  Rob recommends The Macallan, Auchentoshan, or Laphroaig.  

#12 - We have a Sonos system in our house and love it.  It allows us to play music wirelessly all over the house from Spotify, our phones, etc., to group speakers and play music in multiple rooms, and to get great sound from our TV.  We listen to a lot more music because of the ease of turning these on and playing music right from your phone, plus they are small and discreet.

#13 - My Dad always carries a handkerchief and it comes in handy frequently, plus what a gentlemen you'd be offering someone your handkerchief?  Sid Mashburn is a store from which I would like to buy everything and the various handkerchief patterns they sell are no exception.