2016 Gift Guide for Babies & Kids

I had so much fun finding gift items for little ones that I had to make this guide longer than others.  We were in Boston for Thanksgiving, and I found so much inspiration wandering my favorite neighborhoods (the South End and Beacon Hill).  The best new discovery (thanks, Anna) is CouCou in the South End.  I omitted books from this guide because I plan to do a separate post on Blythe's favorite books.  If you have favorites, please leave a comment below and let me know what they are! 

#1 - Maileg makes darling, small animals that often come in their own little box or suitcase, have different outfits, and sometimes have their own bed. This is the Little Sister Gold Mouse in a Box. Once you have a mouse, you can buy it clothes and furniture.

#2 - Wild Things is the cutest Etsy shop filled with costumes and whimsical clothes for kids.  This dragon coat would have been perfect for Halloween, but what small child doesn't want to dress up year-round? 

#3 - The Blueberry Hill makes the softest animal hats for babies and kids.  Blythe has their bunny hat and I smile every time she wears it.  I adore the fox hat, too!

#4 - Hanna Andersson is my go-to for pajamas and their holiday styles never disappoint.  This year, B will rock the gnome print, which includes three of her favorite things: gnomes, candy canes, and trees.  These pajamas are well-made, durable, and soft and are definitely worth the money.  

#5 - Hazel Village gives Maileg a run for its money in the cute animal department.  These are larger and something to cuddle, and they sell not only other outfits for the animals, but matching outfits for your kiddo.

#6 - The Land of Nod sells a range of very tempting toys and this Metro Line Train Set is no exception.  This strikes me as a toy that would provide hours of entertainment.

#7 - Be Kind.  That's all.

#8 - This Hansa Flamingo was in a store in Boston and Blythe and her shopping companion (age 3) fell in love.  They have other animals as well.  

#9 - Moulin Roty makes clever toys for little ones and I can't wait for Blythe to try out her Storybook Torch.  This is a flashlight with different disks that snap on the end.  Each disk tells a story that you can project on the wall from the flashlight.  They sell a few different options for the storylines (Four Seasons, Circus, Les Cousins).  They also make the most adorable loveys (that can be personalized).

#10 - Make your little one a Pinhole Press Custom Board Book so they can familiarize themselves with the faces of all their family, near and far. 

#11 - Baby Bites - I cannot get over how cute these sleeping bags for little ones are!  Apparently they also can be zipped onto your stroller for those cold winter months.  When your baby is really little, you could just use this as a floor mat and then progress to using it in the stroller and then as a sleeping bag.  There is a wide range of color options and some models let you choose a winter or summer lining.

#12 - My go-to baby gift is a custom-knit hat.  They hats are truly the best.  Note that they take about 4 weeks to make from when you order.

#13 - Do kids these days even know what a yo-yo is?  Well, it is time they learn.

#14 - If you need to spruce up your kiddo's room, check out these wall hooks from Fiona Walker.

#15 - A personalized Christmas coloring book from i See me!  Blythe is also obsessed with this version of the 12 Days of Christmas that I gave her last year.

#16 - What child doesn't think they are king or queen?  Time to make it official with a crown.  I also like this gold version.

#17 - Definitely indulgent, but Mason Pearson makes the best hairbrushes. 

#18 - Another favorite from Wild Things is this fox dress.  There are many animals to choose from!

#19 - This picture doesn't really do justice to what these blankets look like in real life.  A customized baby blanket would make the perfect holiday gift for someone who just had a baby.

#20 - Blythe's Great Uncle made her an adirondack chair and she is always heading out to the front porch to sit on it.  You can order one online and they ship and assemble easily.

#21 - Legos have serious staying power and I love that the standard set now includes a range of colors.  I hear that the Star Wars Legos are all the rage this year. 

#22 - For the little girl in your life, an adorable hair clip.

#23 - A monogrammed apron for kitchen helpers everywhere.  The straps easily adjust so your little one can grow into this. 

#24 - Kate alerted me to the fact that Bucketfeet now sells toddler-sized shoes!  They come in an array of fun patterns, but since Blythe was a flamingo for Halloween, I'm partial to those.

#25 - The Shusha Portrait Wooden toy is the modern Mr. Potato Head. 

#26 - I've been eyeing an animal head for B's room since before she was born and Fiona Walker makes the cutest versions.  Layla Grace carries a huge selection.

#27 - Finally, Blythe is obsessed with cleaning.  Sweeping, wiping, mopping, you name it.  Maybe if I got her a set of tools her size, she'd help me clean?