Metaphore Totes

I own quite a few totes.  Most aren't particularly pricey, but they are usually patterned and colorful and practical (I really like being able to wash a bag - things spill, right?).  I have a few nice bags in my rotation for work, but you are just as likely to catch me carrying a reusable tote (my favorite of which is from an industrial waste conference Rob went to - thanks bud).  A few years ago, I fell in love with this tote, but it just seemed a little pricey for what it is (mostly canvas).  So, I was psyched to find these totes from Metaphore out of Istanbul in an assortment of patterns and at a much more reasonable price (under $100).  Which one is your favorite?  I love both of the polka dot bags... maybe the red?  

Metaphore Red Canvas Tote Bag.jpg
Metaphore Herringbone Tote.jpg
Metaphore Dotted Leather and Canvas Shoulder Bag.jpg
Metaphore Striped Canvas Tote.jpg
Metaphore Brown Leather Tote Bag.jpg

All images credit to Metaphore.