Karma WiFi


Last week I read about a genius solution to the WiFi conundrum - so many WiFi networks, so few without password protection!  Karma is a wireless hotspot that costs $79 and is about the size of a compact.  Unlike most wireless hotspots, Karma runs on a  pay-as-you-go model - $14 buys you 1 GB of usage, which lasts the average user for 2 months.  I've had a hotspot before and it was incredibly convenient, but I hate the idea of paying for it when I don't use it.  On the other hand, when I am stuck somewhere and want to get online and can't, it is super frustrating!

The interesting thing about Karma is that if other people log onto your Karma network (free for them, still secure for you), you earn extra data!  When someone else connects to your Karma network, it doesn't use any of your data.  

Karma currently works in 80 cities in the U.S. (see a detailed map here) and is expanding.