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Rob and I watched a video for the coolest new product for kids called Toymail, a line of miniature plastic mailboxes with animal faces that enable parents, relatives, etc. (anyone with the Toymail app) to send a recorded message to the kiddo who owns one of the Toymail animals.  Kids can respond directly from the Toymail animal (which is WiFi enabled) and the animal makes a funny noise (a snort, a whinny or a wheeze) to announce that a message has been received.  

I'm not explaining Toymail that well, so check out the video below and check out the profile of Gauri Nanda, one of the product designers behind Toymail in the NY Times.  Toymail raised money to launch the project on Kickstarter and you can now order a mailman online!  When you download the app, you get 10 free "stamps" per month (e.g., messages) or you can buy a book of 50 stamps for $0.99.  The mailmen run on 4 AA batteries, which should allow for a year of normal use.