Good Eggs

Good Eggs Logo.png

Good Eggs is a website and delivery service that gives you the opportunity to order food from local farmers and artisanal food markets.  I read about it in the New York Times this week - what a great idea!  Good Eggs opened in February and currently operates in San Francisco and has pilot programs running in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.  

Once you select a city, you choose a delivery date and then begin shopping!  You can select from different sellers in various categories - dairy/eggs, fruits and veggies, baked goods and sweets, meat and fish, etc.  You can pick up your order or have it delivered for just $3.99.

The products aren't cheap, but they are comparable to what you'd pay at a farmer's market or artisanal bakery.  In San Francisco, they are currently taking pre-orders for Thanksgiving turkeys, pies, and side dishes that look divine.  Has anyone tried Good Eggs?  I'd love to hear how it actually works.  The New York Times article suggest there are still a few glitches (including some really early delivery windows), but that the products were worth it.