Buffalo Plaid

I've recently become obsessed with Buffalo Plaid, the plaid with large blocks formed by the intersection of two color yarns, typically red and black.  The plaid is Scottish in origin (from the MacGregor Clan) and is said to have been introduced to the United States by a descendant of Rob Roy, a man named Jock McCluskey who was a lawman, bounty hunter, fur trapper, gold miner and Indian trader.  I'm not sure if my love of this plaid stems from the fact that one can wear a plaid flannel in Colorado without irony, but I'm thinking my closet needs at least one of these pieces.  The Madewell Fireside Vest (#7) is the current favorite!  Is anyone else sharing in my obsession?

Buffalo Plaid Collage.jpg

#1 - Madewell Flannel Popover     #2 - J.Crew Reversible Capelet     #3 - Topo X Woolrich Duffle     #4 - Scarf     #5 - Faribault Buffalo Check Blanket     #6 - J.Crew Nina Lotan Hunter Jacket      #7 - Madewell Fireside Vest     #8 - Brooklyn Industries Midi Skirt     #9 - Woolrich Bristol Duffle Wool Coat

All images credit to the source linked to above.