Politics & Paper


You can't listen to the news or open a newspaper right now without hearing about the impending Presidential election.  While I have my own political beliefs, I always think it is interesting to take a step back, think about the issues that really matter to me, and then reassess to be certain I am not being swept up in the party tide rather than thinking for myself.  I stumbled upon a neat website, ElectNext, which is a very simple platform where you choose the issues most important to you, rank them in order of importance, and answer a few questions about those issues.  ElectNext then reveals the names of politicians whose stated views align with yours.  Obviously this is an incredibly simplified approach, but sometimes that is what you want!

If you'd prefer to just have a sense of humor about politics, why not send one of the awesome cards pictured below from hat + wig + glove co. to someone whose political views differ from yours  (ahem... one of these is on the way to a dear friend as I type this)?  In addition, they have other offensive but hilarious cards (if you know someone who is pregnant, how about viva la epidural or Children will ruin your life).