Paper-Source is Coming to Denver!


When we left Boston, I made one last trip to Paper-Source and embarrassed myself by offering my business card to the manager and asking her to please let me know if/when they finally launched a store in Denver because I wanted to work there (or at least know).  Clearly they didn't think I was cut out to be an employee (or they were terrified by my love of their store OR Rob paid them not to contact me because I would spend every paycheck before I even received it) because they didn't contact me... but I'll forgive them because Denver is getting a Paper-Source.

Yes, I know you can order Paper-Source products online, but it is just not the same thing.  I love their workshops and perusing the gorgeous paper goods, wrapping paper, and rubber stamps.  Thank you so much to J for letting me know about this.  The store will be located in Cherry Creek North and is slated to open in September.