Jackie Huang Pop-Up Art

I am blown away by the intricate, hand-crafted pop-up art created by Jackie Huang, who has been called a "3D Story Artist."  I first came across her work when I read about how she had helped create a "pop-up proposal" for a client.  Chris, who was planning to propose to his girlfriend, shared key moments from the relationship and the final page depicted the proposal spot.  What a thoughtful and creative way to chronicle your relationship and document a proposal!

She has since created similar books for people and also has an Etsy shop with whimsical pop-up art and books.  In addition to being perfect for a proposal, wouldn't a custom book be a great idea for a family expecting a baby?  You can check out her work at her Etsy Shop and she accepts custom orders.  All images used in this post belong to Jackie Huang.