Perhaps it is because we attended an {absolutely wonderful} wedding over the weekend where Rob sported his seersucker suit, but I have those puckered cotton stripes on my mind.  Temperatures in Denver have been consistently in the 90s, so the lighter the fabric the better.... and I love that seersucker has made the transition from clothing and accessories to housewares!  I'm currently coveting a seersucker robe and the napkins pictured below.  Additionally, crafty folks are using seersucker to make a wide array of awesome products available on Etsy (check out these napkins and placemats).


#1 - Lilly Pulitzer Buttercup Shorts     #2 - India Rose Seersucker Apron     #3 - Sundance Postmodern Seersucker Skirt     #4 - Lilly Pulitzer Adeline Dress     #5 - Seersucker Napkins at Calypso (different colors available here and here)     #6 - Seersucker Skirt from Land's End Canvas     #7 - J.Crew Seersucker Shorts     #8 - Stella McCartney Seersucker Pants     #9 - Seersucker Converse All-Stars (I have and adore these shoes - Keds makes a similar pair available here)     #10 - Seersucker Placemats from West Elm     #11 - Vintage Bergères Chair from One Kings Lane