YSL @ the Denver Art Museum


In what is certainly a major coup for the Denver Art Museum, the museum is currently playing host to Yves Saint Laurent - The Retrospective. Through July 8th, you can view the stunning, expansive collection of clothing created by Yves Saint Laurent over the course of 40 years. The exhibit includes 2,000 haute couture garments, as well as photographs, sketches, fabric swatches, and videos about Saint Laurent. A recreation of his workspace reveals that he was immaculate and methodical in his work and provided some insight into what inspired him. I learned that not only is he responsible for feminizing "le smoking" (the tuxedo), but also for popularizing the pea coat, the tunic, and the safari look for women. I was in awe at how I still would just love to wear 95% of what was on display. Apparently his second favorite color (second only to black) was bright pink - a man after my own heart. If you plan to be in Denver before July 8th, this is a must-see!


All images but the last credit to the Denver Art Museum.