EVOO Marketplace


We've lived in the LoDo neighborhood of Denver  for a year and a half and I walk to work each morning past this cute store called EVOO Marketplace on the corner of 15th and Market.  What was inside always intrigued me, but I just thought it was, frankly, so absurd to have an entire store devoted to vinegars and oils that I never went in.  


When I finally decided to actually go into the store rather than just judge from a distance, I was pleasantly surprised.  I've never given that much thought to vinegar and oil, but the owners of EVOO Marketplace certainly have.  You can sample almost anything in the store, beginning with balsamic vinegars in an incredible array of flavors - from an 18-year-old traditional vinegar to dark strawberry to honey fig to dark chocolate.  My favorite was the dark cherry - a little sweet but not overwhelmingly so and with a strong cherry flavor.  The olive oil comes in flavors such as Persian lime, chipotle, and roasted walnut.  The store sells other spreads and tapenades, but the highlight is certainly the oils and vinegars and they'll even sell you a freshly baked (and huge) loaf of bread from Denver Bread Company should you want to indulge in your purchase immediately (as I did).  And don't worry, if you don't live in Denver, they ship anywhere in the United States and Canada.