2012 Holiday Gift Ideas for Men

With Christmas fast-approaching, I've gathered a few of my favorite gift ideas for this holiday season.  Some are silly (the Noël Crewneck Sweater), some have been tested and approved in my household (Dollar Shave Club), and hopefully some are just fun (LEGOS for adults!).  


#1 - LEGO Architecture: Empire State Building Set.  Who says kids get to have all the fun on Christmas morning?  I think it would be awesome to build a LEGO Empire State Building or Fallingwater House.  Image credit to MOMA Store.

#2 - Grey Area Fake Roley by Shelter Serra.  From the designer - “I designed and created the Fake Roley as a homage to the ultimate watch of status, The Rolex Submariner."  I first saw one on the wrist of a college friend who is a founder of Grey Area, but spotted one on my Uncle-in-Law later in the summer.  Hip and ironic and now available in a range of colors!  Image credit to Jordan Doner via Grey Area

#3 - Mighty Wallet!  Rob has a Mighty Wallet printed with the London Underground Map.  He constantly gets comments from people when he takes it out.  Is it the most professional wallet?  Definitely not.  But is it fun?  Absolutely.  The wallets are made of Tyvek® and are tear-resistant, water-resistant, expandable, and recyclable.  Best of all, the wallets are super slim -- perfect for men who put them in their back pocket.  Image credit to Mighty Wallet.

#4 - Sea Bags x Woolrich Harvest iPad Case.  Upgrade your iPad's look with this sturdy case featuring a fall-inspired plaid from Woolrich.  Image credit to Seabags.

#5 - Jack Spade Noël Crewneck Sweater.  This sweater falls into the same category as the Bonobos Tryptopants - seasonal and ridiculously fun.  How awesome would it be to wear this to a holiday party?  Jack Spade has a ton of great clothes and accessories for men, so check out the store for some more serious options.  Image credit to Jack Spade.

#6 - Handmade Copper Flask.  For the man who loves to tailgate or bring a little treat on a winter adventure.  The flask is handmade of pure copper.  This would be great to give with #8.  Image credit to Kaufmann Mercantile.

#7 - McGrady Cable Sweater.  I'm trying to convince Rob to branch out into cardigans and I think this one might be it.  My favorite detail is the woven leather buttons.  Image credit to Jack Spade.

#8 - Leopold Bros. Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur.  Leopold Bros. is a family owned and operated small batch distillery located in Denver, Colorado.  I rarely drink liquor, but there products are delicious and unique.  We toured the distillery over the summer and sampled almost everything - you really cannot go wrong.  My favorites were the Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur, the Rocky Mountain Blackberry Liqueur, and the Three Pins Alpine Herbal Liqueur.  You can buy Leopold Bros. products locally, but also can order them online here.  Pair this with a few bar accoutrements.  Image credit to Leopold Bros.

#9 - Swiss Army Tool in Hardwood.  A rustic take on the classic Swiss Army knife and potentially a good (and useful) stocking stuffer.  Image credit to West Elm.

#10 - Leather Head Football.  A football handmade in Glen Rock, New Jersey of leather from Prime Tannery in Hartland, Maine.  Who doesn't love to toss a football around from time to time... and this one is pretty enough to display in the off-season.  Image credit to Unionmade.

#11 - Dollar Shave Club Membership.  Rob joined Dollar Shave Club earlier this year and loves it.  He selected a razor (he went for the $6 middle-of-the-road option) and each month he receives new blades in the mail.  Check it out!  Image credit to Dollar Shave Club.

#12 - Lettuce Turnip the Beet T-Shirt.  I bought this t-shirt for Rob in NYC in 2011.  He's super picky about his t-shirts but this one went over well.  The shirt is soft and the message is witty.  For some other funky t-shirts, check out Denver-based designer Adam Sikorski.  Image credit to Coup via Etsy.