French Apple Tart


Election day!  As someone who lives in a swing state, today I am thankful for the fact that the campaigning is over.  We have had no fewer than four people at our door each evening to ask us if we have voted, for whom we voted, and whether someone named Charles who previously lived here has voted (I have no idea).  I admire their dedication and passion but wow -- full court press!  I miss the days of voting in Massachusetts where presidential candidates barely bothered to advertise.  It also reminds me of when I worked for a Senator and a Congresswoman in college.  I'm pretty sure I was insufferable.  


Instead of worrying about politics over the past few weeks, we prepared for Halloween and attempted to "manage" the pesky squirrels who ate not one but three of my pumpkins.  Poor Forest has been tortured by their piggish ways (see below).  I am convinced this is the same squirrel who ate half of my peaches earlier this summer (he is the plumpest of all his friends).  Honestly.


We also had our first snow!  I met J for an early morning run and it was so fun to see our house covered in snow for the first time (and to have the temperature rebound to 68 degrees later that week).


Back to dessert.  You know you've written a great blog post when it inspires people to run to their kitchens and get cooking!  Last month, a post about a French Apple Tart from Alexandra's Kitchen inspired me.


I'd seen the tart in Saveur, but was thrilled to try Ali's rendition, which included an additional layer of frangipane (a delicious blend of almonds, butter, and sugar).  The added frangipane elevates this tart... and if you can make the tart look beautiful, you've got yourself the perfect dinner party dessert offering.  Me?  I had a bit of trouble with perfecting the "rose" design that is supposed to result, but I thought it was lovely all the same.


Alexandra's Kitchen's French Apple Tart

First, be sure to watch the Saveur slideshow for step-by-step instructions on making the rose design.  Don't be discouraged if it isn't perfect - it will still taste great.  Do you see those funky petals in the middle of mine?  Eek.

Second, follow Ali's recipe.  If you have the ingredients, make the frangipane - I think it takes this tart from good to great and it comes together in seconds.

Third enjoy!