Giving Thanks

Quill & Fox Thank You Note

Today I was surprised at work by a text message from our realtor, Mike.  He stopped by my office with a pie!  What a lovely gesture, right?  The pie started me thinking about random acts of kindness that have meant to much to me and how I could incorporate similar gestures into my own life.

  • Write a note!  Mail it (perhaps on one of these or these), put it on a sticky note, or shoot someone an e-mail.  Everyone loves mail.
  • Tell them!  Whether in person, over the phone, or in a voice mail, this will make someone's day.
  • Surprise someone with their favorite snack, a baked good, flowers, or their favorite coffee drink.... Who doesn't love a surprise Gingerbread Latte delivered to their desk?  Or now that Christmas seems to be just around the corner, perhaps hang a wreath on a friend's front door?
  • Send a surprise in the mail to friends and family far away.  You can send a Starbucks e-gift card with just a few clicks, mail a book you think someone will love (recently I couldn't put down The Paris Wife and My Berlin Kitchen), send cookies from Levain Bakery in NY, have flowers delivered, or if you want to go all out, send an Olive Box or a Samplrs subscription.
  • Take care of a chore.  Mow the lawn, rake leaves, take a frozen meal to a friend in need, shovel the snow from someone's front path, offer to babysit... a little kindness goes a long way.

It is a bit late at night for phone calls, but I'll get out some stationery and a pen.  What things do you do to show people you are thankful for them? I'd love to know.