Le Canot Rouge Stationery

This whimsical and woodsy stationery first caught my eye at Anthropologie, which occasionally carries Le Canot Rouge cards.  I picked out a package of Murray Maynooth Moose cards (Murray the Moose is riding a bike) for a friend who loves to ride bikes.  I was thrilled to see these cards on Fab.com where they are currently over 30% off - you can purchase both a mix pack of creature cards or larger prints of individual animals.  Each animal has a quirky name (e.g., Albert Finnegan Bear, Scruffles Wigglebottom Skunk, Ford Buckminster Beaver), and 10% of gross sales at Le Canot Rouge is donated to animal welfare causes.  If you aren't a member of Fab.com, you can use this link to join.  The sale ends on Saturday at 8:00 AM.  All images credit to Le Canot Rouge.