All summer I noticed people sporting feathers weaved into their hair.  The trend started with celebrities and quickly made its way to young women... even my hair dresser offers feather extensions!  Now not only are people wearing feathers in their hair, but also on clothing, in patterns and in jewelry.  

I have two feather pieces in my wardrobe.  The first is a headband with a peacock feather fondly referred to as "the bird" that I adore.  The second is a pair of pale pink J.Crew Collection flats with a feather on each toe.  Great shoes, albeit slightly impractical (they require careful storage and can only be worn when you know the weather will be good).

An unexpected repercussion of the feathers-in-the-hear trend is the effect it has had on the fly fishing industry.  The NY Times published an article in June about how the trend has caused a spike in prices and a shortage of feathers.  Fly fisherman Bob Brown of Maine provided my favorite quote in the article: “For someone to use them as a fashion statement is just sacrilegious."

What do you think about the feather trend?  I've included a few pieces below.  Just to be clear, I am not saying I like all of these, just that feathers are everywhere right now.

BHLDN Frolicking Feathers Skirt - if I were getting married, this would be part of my reception outfit. LOVE! (Image courtesy of BHLDN) Raven Feather Bypass Ring (Image courtesy of Need Supply Co.)
Matthew Williamson Peacock-Print Cashmere Scarf (Image courtesy of Net-a-Porter) French Connection Falling Feathers Blouse (Image courtesy of Bloomingdale's)
Ruffled Feathers Dress (Image courtesy of Anthropologie) Warbler Danglers (Image courtesy of Anthropologie)
Feather Gilet from Zara (Image courtesy of Zara) Isabel Marant Feather Cuff (Image courtesy of Net-a-Porter)
Feather Trimmed d'Orsays (Image courtesy of BHLDN) Rag & Bone Dalmeny Feather Print Silk Dress (Image courtesy of Nordstrom)
Bright Feather Skirt (Image courtesy of Zara)
Jeeyun Ha Earrings (Image courtesy of Net-a-Porter)