The Chevron Stripe

(Image credit to Sharon Montrose Photographs)

Adding to my ever-growing list (stripes, polka dots, animal prints) of patterns that I love, today I'd like to gush about the chevron stripe.  A chevron is defined as stripes meeting at an angle and often occurs in the form of an inverted "v".  It is often used on badges for police officers, noncommissioned officers, etc. (as an indication of rank and service), but lately you see it all over on clothing, stationery, home decor and accessories.  The chevron stripe (also just referred to as a zig zag) reminds me a bit of a zebra strip but it is a bit straighter and neater (no surprise that I prefer it this way). 

 Land's End Herringbone Ikat Pillow (Image credit to Land's End) Remain 'Gwen' Chevron Stripe Dress (Image credit to Nordstrom)
Perh Sullivan Zig Zag Napkins (Image credit to Design Public) Sears Floor Pillow (Image credit to Sears)
Chevron Calling Cards from Sweetbeaker via Etsy (Image credit to Sweetbeaker) Old Navy Dolman Sleeve Tee (Image credit to Old Navy)
Chevron Cards from Wit & Whistle (Image credit to Wit & Whistle) Chevron Pixel Tea Towel (Image credit to Pigeon Toe)
Jonathan Adler Orange Herringbone Rug (Image credit to Jonathan Adler) Carets Bikini (Image credit to Anthropologie)
Zig Zag Bag from Hansel from Basel (Image credit to Hansel from Basel) Madeline Weinrib Navy Zig Zag Pillow (Image credit to Madeline Weinrib)

Amazing do-it-yourself coat rack courtesy of Apartment Therapy