Plum Baby Clothes

In today's Springwise, there is a profile of a San Francisco-based start up company called Plum, a subscription-based baby clothing company.  As a subscriber to Plum, you sign up for either two, four or seven outfits at a time.  The clothes are like-new, washed in organic detergent and arrive with a laundry bag for easy return.  Once you tire of the outfits, you simply return them to Plum and new outfits will be sent (and they take into consideration where you live and what season it is at that time).  Prices range from $16 to $49 and once the outfits need to be retired (e.g., your child spills juice down the front of one of them), they are donated to local foster homes.

Eco-friendly, convenient and ultimately for a good cause.  Please let me know if you have tried this service or know of anyone who has!