Fashion Rules for Men

Rob sent me a few funny articles/advertisements today that I can't resist sharing. To give you some context as to why Rob might share these with me, Rob has very specific fashion rules by which he lives. I agree with him most of the time (with the exceptions being double-breasted jackets and pointy-toed shoes for women - I approve and he does not) but am really just fascinated by how fastidious he is about dressing. The first article Rob sent today was a helpful article from a WSJ affiliate about how to dress for work. The article focuses on first-year analysts, but it applies across the board to men and women (it addresses both) in the professional workforce. It should seem obvious, but I am constantly surprised by what people wear to work.

Bonobos email campaignJust after Rob sent that article, the hilarious advertisement from Bonobos (pictured to the left) popped into my inbox. Rob is a firm cargo shorts hater and I have to agree... besides, what do men put in all of those pockets? Nothing. Plus, I love an advertisement with a bit of cheek.

Finally, the article mentioned above has a link to a helpful chart from the Effortless Gent for men who have trouble knowing what color shoes and belt they ought to wear with a particular suit or pair of pants. Pass this along to a man in your life who is always asking you which shoes he should wear (or doesn't ask but perhaps you wish he did).